A gunman opened fire inside a movie theater packed with people looking to enjoy the latest “Batman” movie, killing twelve and wounding dozens more.

The complete and senseless randomness of that sentence reaffirms why we need to LIVE NOW.

Decide NOW whether you’re going to let petty hurts control your life or whether you’re going to let bygones be bygones.

Have you been afraid to tell someone you care? Have you not told your parents/siblings/children/friends that you love them lately? Tell them NOW.

Have you been putting off a dream to ______________ (fill in the blank)? Do it NOW.

As much as you think that something tragic could never happen to you, you never know. I’m sure the people crowding into that theater in Aurora, Colorado didn’t think for one second that going to see a late-night showing of “Dark Knight Rises” would be so dangerous.

So, what’s it gonna be? Are you going to start living your life NOW, or continue down the same dull/confusing/frustrating path you’ve been trudging while you dream of better days?